(2)Check the change of the power supply voltage and current with an instrument. Generally, the allowable voltage fluctuation of the motor is set at ±5% of the voltage, the difference between the three-phase voltage must not be greater than 5%, and the current imbalance value of each phase must not exceed 10%, and attention should be paid to whether Lack of phase operation.

(3)Regularly check the temperature rise of the motor, and use a thermometer to measure the temperature rise. It should be noted that the temperature rise should not exceed the maximum allowable value;

(4) Monitor the bearing for abnormal noise, the seal should be good, and the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly. Generally, the oil change interval of sliding bearings is 1000h, and the rolling bearing is 500h; ⑤Pay attention to the sound, smell, vibration and transmission conditions of the motor. During normal operation, the motor should have a uniform sound without noise and special noise.

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