2. It saves electricity and can reduce the cost of water supply.

3. Improve the service life of the water pump.

4. High degree of automation, unattended operation can be realized.

5. Multiple pumps can be automatically switched for operation

6. The system sleeps and wakes up. When the outside world stops using water, the system is in sleep state, and wakes up automatically when there is water demand.

7. Pump set and line protection monitoring alarm, model display, etc. First, let me explain what is the "sleep threshold"? Sleep is a very vivid statement, just like a person sleeping, that is, the inverter enters the standby state, and the mobile phone enters the standby state. At this time, the inverter has no voltage or current output, but it is still working and can be "awakened" at any time, which is the so-called "wake-up" function.


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