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  • Magnetic Pump for Hot Oil

    Magnetic Pump for Hot Oil

    ●High temperature-resistance within 350℃.
    ●High flow speed.
    ●Magnetic drive, sealing stability, low noise and low vibration.

  • Magnetic Drive Hot Oil Circulation Pump

    Magnetic Drive Hot Oil Circulation Pump

    ●High temperature head within 350℃, high flow speed, magnetic drive, sealing stability, high noise, low vibration.
    ●Spindle sic self - lubricity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance. 80℃

  • Magnetic Drive Water Pump

    Magnetic Drive Water Pump

    ●No leakage and anti-corrosion.
    ●Fine appearance ,small volume,high temperature-resistance.
    ●The parts meeting with the medium is stainless steel.

  • Magnetic Hot Water Pump

    Magnetic Hot Water Pump

    MDW series of magnetic drive type high temperature vortex pump adopts advanced design principle and manufacturing technology.The dynamic seal change to static seal though the Magnetic conduction between the isolation cover and magnet,which make sure the stable performance under high temperature condition.

  • Centrifugal Pump 1.5kwl

    Centrifugal Pump 1.5kwl

    ●Pump shell material is 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance,and beautiful appearance.
    ●Single-stage impeller centrifugal pump, axial absorption, radial drainage.
    ●Closed stainless steel impeller, excellent hydraulic performance and high efficiency.

  • Hot Water Pump Centrifugal

    Hot Water Pump Centrifugal

    ●Single-stage impeller centrifugal pump, axial absorption, radial drainage
    ●Closed cast copper impeller,and excellent hydraulic model ,to ensures pump efficiency and reliability.
    ●Stable performance, and low failure rate.
    ●Easy maintenance.

  • Centrifugal Pump Stainless Steel

    Centrifugal Pump Stainless Steel

    ●Single stage impeller centrifugal pump.
    ●Low noise, excellent water performance and high efficiency.
    ●Stable performance, low failure rate.
    ●High lift and fast flow.

  • Centrifugal Hot Water Pump

    Centrifugal Hot Water Pump

    ●Direct connection with motor, completely concentric pump shaft, small vibration and low noise, to ensure the smooth operation.
    ●Save space, minimize the area and space occupied by the pump, save investment.
    ●Reliable mechanical seal structure,to ensures the medium transportation.

  • Hot Water Circulation Pump

    Hot Water Circulation Pump

    ●The pump shell is made of copper, with fine appearance, precise coordination and high performance.
    ●Low noise and energy consumption, no pulsation, fast flow rate, high head and better stability.
    ●Site maintenance is simple to reduce the cost for users.

  • Hot Oil Circulation Pump

    Hot Oil Circulation Pump

    The circulation pump features: exquisite appearance, small vibration, low noise pump body has a certain corrosion resistance high head, fast flow rate, and simple maintenance.

  • High Quality Vortex Water Pump

    High Quality Vortex Water Pump

    ●Pump shell using copper material, beautiful appearance.
    ●Precise match, stable performance.
    ●Low noise,and low vibration.

  • Vortex Hot Water Pump

    Vortex Hot Water Pump

    ●The equipment has the advantage of high-temperature resistance,simple construction,stable performance.
    ●High-temperature resistance,small volume,saving installation space .
    ●Low noisy and energy,stable performance,high flow.
    ●Easy to repair,saving cost.

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