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Coupled Pump

  • High Temperature Hot Oil Pump

    High Temperature Hot Oil Pump

    ●High performance small size, energy saving assembly area and space.
    ●Low noise, low energy consumption, no pulsation, accurate performance and fast flow rate.
    ●Site maintenance is simple to reduce the cost for users.

  • High Temperature Heat Pump

    High Temperature Heat Pump

    ●Side water absorption, radial drainage, small volume,and save installation space.
    ●Low cavitation, low noise, low vibration, simple maintenance, low maintenance cost.
    ●High temperature resistance,and stable performance.

  • High Temperature Oil Pump

    High Temperature Oil Pump

    ●Small size and high pressure, achieve equipment miniaturization.
    ●Fast flow rate, high lift, better performance stability, and widely range of use.
    ●Site maintenance is simple to reduce the cost for users.

  • Hot Water Pump Coupling

    Hot Water Pump Coupling

    High head, high temperature medium transfer circulation pump, transfer the medium is without particles, fiber heat conduction oil.

  • Coupled Hot Oil Pump

    Coupled Hot Oil Pump

    ●Self-heating heat dissipation structure, it’s change the traditional water cooling structure, and simple structure and easy maintenance.
    ●The packing seal and PTFE power seal are combined to ensure the sealing performance under high temperature operation.

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