Fully Automatic Mask Packing Machine

Fully Automatic Mask Packing Machine

Mask packing machine is a back-end packaging machine, specially used for packaging disposable and N95 masks, medical masks, non-woven masks, suitable for single or multi-piece mask automatic packaging, 30-100 packs per minute, efficiency High, function adjustment and technology upgrade are very convenient, mask packaging machine uses servo motor and controller, equipment stability is good, packaging machine noise is low, packaging speed is fast, finished product rate and the appearance of the packaging are higher.

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Product Details
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1. Product Introduction

1. The main control operation interface of the whole machine can be switched between Chinese and English, with stable performance and simple operation.

2. The man-machine interface is displayed in English, setting and storage are convenient and fast.

3. The main motor is equipped with high-quality AC frequency converter to realize stepless speed change.

4. High-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.

5. To adjust the length of the bag, a gear-chain stepless transmission is adopted, which is durable, stable and accurate.

6. Conveyor chain adjustment device without stopping, convenient and sensitive.

7. Adjust the end seal structure to make the sealing more satisfactory and eliminate the phenomenon of packet cutting.

8. The appearance of the machine is carbon steel belt spray paint 

9. Nitrogen filling device can be configured, and the thermal coding machine is installed, and the printing position can be arbitrarily selected.

2.Products Specification


1-10 pcs disposable mask and package of N95 



Film width


Bag length


Bag width


Product high


Max width of roll film 


Packing material


Packing speed


Machine size


Machine weight

About 380kg

Power voltage


3. Product details




4. Product qualification


5.Sample display


6. FAQ

  1. How to maintain the lubrication parts of the mask packaging machine:

(1) The rolling bearing is a part of the machine that is more worn, so each rolling bearing should be filled with grease once with a grease gun for about two months.

(2) Weeping and slipping of the chain is common. Each sprocket chain should be dripped in time with mechanical oil with a dynamic viscosity greater than 40 #.

2.How to maintain the electrical parts of the mask packaging machine?

(1)The operator of the mask packing machine should regularly check whether the thread ends of each joint are loose before starting.

(2)Dust and other fine particles may also affect the function of the packaging machine. The photoelectric switch and the proximity switch probe are prone to erroneous operation when they are covered with dust, so they should be checked and cleaned frequently.

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