High Gloss Mold Temperature Controller

◆ Eliminate soluble wiring, melted marks, corrugated, silver marks on the product surface.
◆ Completely solve surface shrinkage of plastic products.
◆ Improve the surface gloss, the surface roughness is similar to mirror.

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Product Details
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High gloss mold temperature controller eliminate dissolver connection, dissolver mark, ripple, silver silk, improve the product surface finish, make the surface finish can reach mirror surface.

Product Introduction

High-gloss steam mold temperature control unit
◆ Eliminate soluble wiring, melted marks, corrugated, silver marks on the product surface.
◆ Completely solve surface shrinkage of plastic products.
◆ Improve the surface gloss, the surface roughness is similar to mirror.
◆ Products do not need to spray paint processing, improve the rate of finished products of 20-30%.
◆ Solve the fiber products floating fiber problem, make the product quality perfect.
◆ The thin-wall molding can improve the liquidity of injection, improve product quality and intensity
◆ Thick-wall injection molding cycle can be reduced by 60%, increase the liquidity and fill effects of the plastic
◆ Condensation,heat release,quicken the speed of heat exchanger,enhance the heating rate
◆ Without connecting boilers and other external thermostat auxiliary equipment, omitted the complex boiler equipment(high-pressure equipment safety and environmental approval) and Pipeline Project.
◆ Completely solve the problem of the boiler steam non-recyclable.
◆ Small volume can match different machines, 180 °C hot water can replace the boiler, which is not environmental friendly .

High-gloss steam mold temperature control unit
◆ 10.4-inch LCD true color LCD display (optional), touch Chinese digital input, Chinese interface, simple operation
◆ Full closed-loop system to control the input and output the detection temperature, mold temperature feedback to PLC, number and color changes display, to ensure output accurate and stable
◆ All components are imported from Europe and America
◆ One/Two - way mold temperature detection (optional), stainless steel input and output pipes, multiple sets of input and output interfaces
◆ Machine equipped with: heating, cooling, hot and cold transformation functions
◆ Condensate water recycling and reusing system,obvious energy saving effect .

High-gloss steam mold temperature control unit applications
In the appliance, automotive, communication, daily necessities, medical equipment and other industries with a wide range of applications, such as LCD TV, computer LCD monitor, notebook computer, mobile phone, air conditioner, car LCD monitor, car interiors, lights and optics, OA, AV equipment and ect.
By the high temperature water, when product left the mould chamber, BWS High-gloss steam mold temperature control machine will inject hot water to the mould, when the mould temperature is up to the TG upper limit value of the plastic ,BWS begin to inject the plastic into the mould chamber, after inject mould plastic machine complete the pressure hold, cooling water will be injected, when the mould temperature low down to the lower limit and the mould open, the whole plastic injection procedure complete.

Product feature and application


Our products are widely used in rubber injection molding, light guide plate, continuous device, chemical industry, die casting, reaction kettle, rubber tire, shoe material, printing and dyeing, drying and other industries. Our products are exported to Japan, America, Italy, Brazil, southeast Asia, Africa and other parts of the world.

Product qualification


Suzhou AODE machinery co., ltd. was founded in 2004, is a collection of R&D, production, sales and service in one of the temperature control equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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1. What are the main application fields of high gloss mold temperature machine?

High light mold temperature machine is mainly used in LCD TV, computer LCD, automobile LCD, lamp and optical instrument industries.

2. What is the working principle of the high gloss mold temperature machine?

The working principle of mold temperature machine can be simply understood as heat exchange between materials, which is equivalent to heat exchanger.

Latest News

When the plastic material is injected into the mold cavity, the higher the surface temperature of the mold cavity, the better the surface quality of the product and the smaller the internal stress of the product.

Therefore, to obtain good product surface quality, it is a good way to improve the cavity surface temperature.

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